Resolvr - A Zeroconf framework for Symbian OS

IP networking can be hard for even the most savvy of consumers, there are just so many concepts to understand. Perhaps it is acceptable for desktop application software to ask users to understand such concepts as an IP address or subnet mask, but that just won't fly in the Smartphone market. Smartphone users expect a "consumer electronics" user experience. Applications must work simply and seamlessly without asking the user to read a manual or configure anything.

That's where Resolvr comes in. Using the Resolvr framework, developers can add so-called "Zero configuration networking" capabilities to their applications. That is, applications will automatically discover available services on the local network and can present them to the user with friendly names. The user experience becomes comparable with that offered by Bluetooth, but with the added advantage of vast range of devices that have IP networking built in. Applications can also advertise their own services, so other phone and desktop applications can discover and utilise them in a standardised manner.

Easy Development...

Adding Zeroconf functionality to your application is simplicity itself with the Resolvr framework. The API is far simpler than that offered for the Bluetooth device discovery functionality on Symbian OS. Your application can be Zeroconf enabled in as little as 40 lines of code. For the cost of only a single day's development effort, you can get a vast improvement in the ease of use of your application.

... And it's free!

What's more, you can download and use Resolvr for free. Resolvr is licensed under the GNU GPL open source license. For any application for which the restrictions of the GPL are inappropriate, there is also commercial licensing available.

Download the Resolvr SDK and get started with Zeroconf today.